The Explainer Video

What is an explainer video? Well, the explainer video has become one of the most common applications for voiceover during the past 10 years or so. It's basically a short, usually animated video in which a company explains it's product or service as simply and persuasively as possible to its customers or stakeholders. These days literally everyone has to have one on their website, YouTube or social media channels, usually with a perky, upbeat voiceover...which is where I come in! This kinda thing is meat and drink to any voiceover artist working in today's market and I've done loads of them! Here are just a few examples...


It's really nice when I get to do a voiceover for a really worthwhile cause and this was certainly one them.

Produced by Well Played Video in Belgium, it's an explainer video for the the Smart Space project, an E.U. initiative to reduce wasted street lighting and help reduce carbon emissions, so with this gig, not only was I doing a job I love, I was helping to save Mother Earth too! All in a day's work for a voiceover guy ;-)

Smart Space


Saving the earth is something we're all very keen on doing these days and it's something I'm spending more and more of my time talking about.

This video from Social Energy is all about the benefits of storing energy from solar power in batteries.

Social Energy


This video for logistics firm, ECS 2XL, produced again by those lovely people at Well Played Video in Belgium, also has a climate change dimension in that it's about reducing journey times and thus the carbon footprint of goods delivered by European suppliers to customers in the U.K.



Below you can find more examples of recent explainer videos I've provided voiceover for.

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