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EVE Online - Eclipse Quadrant 2 Trailer


Richard Antony reading an excerpt from The Speckled Band by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle


Richard Antony reading from Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'

Richard Antony reading from Shakespeare's Hamlet

Richard Antony reading from 'Night' by Elie Wiesel

Richard Antony reading from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Richard Antony reading from Lines Written In Early Spring by William Wordsworth

'The Masque of the Red Death' - Episode 1

A classic tale of gothic horror by the master of the genre, Edgar Allan Poe. In 2020 I was fortunate enough to be cast in this audio play produced by Mobley Street Productions from an adaptation of the original text by Paul Chappell. I play the part of Don Giacomo Jimenez/The Yeoman (entering Ep. 1 at 5m 8s). In an incredibly resonant story for the Covid age, a plague, known as the Red Death, ravages the realm of Prince Prospero while the Prince and his circle of elite friends indulge in a debauched set of revels within the apparent safety of the castle walls.....

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Red Death - Episode 1

'The Masque of the Red Death' - Episode 2

The story reaches it's horrorifically deranged climax in the final episode of the Edgar Allan Poe classic and my character, Don Giacomo Jimenez/The Yeoman, finally discovers his fate from his master, Prince Prospero...

Red Death - Episode 2

Richard is an incredible voice talent that has range with authenticity. Throughout the project we've had excellent communication.

Landon Satterfield Video Director, Harvest Time

Richard was really great to work with. He invests in the job and client relationship and is pro-active when it comes to reading the script and making it sound the best way it possibly can.

Dhani Rahmawan Grndpa

Excellent work. Took directions well. Talented and timely.

Tim Shannon S2 Games

Very high quality work!

Laerke Drews Bird & Beenfeldt

The film had a lot of success when it was shown at the congress. By the way, some colleagues mentioned that your voice is very sexy!

Annia Domènech National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment

Richard was super helpful with a quick turn around. Very happy!

Sean Jahnig Vibrant Sorcery

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