Richard Antony

'All the world's a stage' wrote Shakespeare, famously, in As You like It (you can hear me read that speech if you go to the Gaming, Characters and Drama page on this site). With a background in Law and music and a passion for theatre (and some would say theatricality!), voiceover always seemed like an obvious choice for me!

Keep on keeping on...

I remember in school someone once saying that they thought I'd wind up reading the news. Well, that hasn't happened yet (I hear they prefer proper journalists to do the news now), but hey, you never know...

In the meantime, since all the way back in 2012 when I got my first professional voiceover gig, I've been quite happy reading Shakespeare for American school children, doing ads and corporate videos for the likes of Castrol and BMW and recording the occasional podcast audio play for any one who wants to listen...

I've completed projects for literally thousands of clients since 2012 (take a look at my clients page to see some of them).

And when I've got a spare 5 minutes I pick up my Gretsch guitar which sits next to me in my studio and bang out a tune or two...

Kerrang! Kerrang! Kerrash! There he goes again. Always making a noise...




Thanks for a terrific read! The client loves your work!

Jesse Tarnoff Creative Director, Glass and Marker

The client is thrilled with the voiceover! Thanks again for your great work and quick delivery!

Val Chepurny Producer, One Lens Media

It was a pleasure working with Richard - a top-notch voice over professional!

Justin Beckenheimer Under Armour

Thanks for your talent, your voice on the film is as iconic as the car itself. Timeless!

Oliver Ojeil Director, Cliché VFX

Thanks for your talent and quick turn-around. Your flexibility with allowing our client to sit in for the session was much appreciated.

John Thompson Eyeon Digital Productions

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