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With so many voices out there clamouring to be heard, it can be hard getting your message across.

But as a freelance voiceover artist and copywriter working in London, UK, getting the message across is what I do best.

Whether I’m writing an ad, narrating a film or providing character voices for a computer game, it's all about the same thing: giving my clients the voice they need.





    • "Thanks for your talent and quick turn-around. Your flexibility with allowing our client to sit in for the session was much appreciated."

      John Thompson, Eyeon Digital Productions

    • "Thanks for your talent, your voice on the film is as iconic as the car itself. Timeless."

      Oliver Ojeil, Director, ClicheVFX

    • "Richard Antony did a stellar job with his voice over performance. Working with him across the globe, the process was simple, quick, and easy. It was a pleasure working with Richard - a top-notch voice over professional. I'm positive we will continue to use him for future projects."

      Justin Beckenheimer, Under Armour

    • "Richard is an incredible voice talent that has range with authenticity. Throughout the project we've had excellent communication."

      Landon Satterfield, Video Director, Harvest Time

    • "Richard was really great to work with. He invests in the job and client relationship and is pro-active when it comes to reading the script and making it sound the best way it possibly can."

      Dhani Rahmawan, Grndpa

    • "Very high quality work!"

      Laerke Drews, Bird & Beenfeldt

    • "Richard was great to work with - a great voice and very good at taking direction. I'd definitely recommend him and wouldn't think twice about working with him again."

      Graham Forbes, Laws of Attraction

    • "Thanks for a terrific read! The client loves your work!"

      Jesse Tarnoff, Creative Director, Glass and Marker

    • "Excellent work. Took directions well. Talented and timely."

      Tim Shannon, S2 Games

    • "The client is thrilled with the voiceover! Thanks again for your great work and quick delivery!"

      Val Chepurny, Producer, One Lens Mediay

    • "The voiceover sounds great! It's exactly what I wanted!"

      Bastian Lind, Marketing Director, The View Agency


    Hello me lovelies! I'm happy to say I've finally managed to upload my new 2018 Showreel to the interweb and very pleased I am with it too! It features loads of me best bits taken from the last year. And an extremely busy year it was! I'm incredibly happy to be narrating a new series for Sky Sports of 'The Race of Their Lives' about the 2017/18 Round the World Clipper Race. You can see a trailer for episode 3 in my online portfolio. If you're into gaming you may have heard me in the WebVR Experience of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk movie playing the Army Captain which is available now on the official movie website. Also in the gaming world, I've been doing trailers and guides for World of Tanks, World of Warships and Total War Arena. I've uploaded an example to my web portfolio. I've also voiced new promotions for Jaguar/Landrover and Mini and a new series of videos for Bosch Smarthome as well as a series about the Maxam art collection. I've had new commercials airing on TV for the amazing comic book 2000AD and Dream League Soccer featuring a host of Premiership footballers and lowly old me! Sadly, I didn't get to meet any of the guys at the Dream League Soccer recording session, but I did get to meet male super model David Gandy at a session for the Wellman Vitabiotics ad I recorded a while back featuring his handsome visage and my dulcet tones! Not sure why they only wanted my voice for the commercial, but as my neighbour said when I told him the story, maybe I just have a wonderful face for voiceover?? Hmmmm, well, anyway, you can see a clip of the Vitabiotics ad in my portfolio along with many of my other recent voiceover projects.

    Sadly, I dont always get to meet the stars from my ads - totally gutted about not getting to meet Yoda at the session for Star Wars Disney Infinity 3.0 last year - though I did get to feature him in my voice over portfolio. Oh, it's been another busy, fun packed and star strewn year in Voiceoverland. The glamour! The excitement! The days spent locked in a dark box all by myself! Sometimes I wonder if it can get any better!??

    Don't forget, you can see and hear loads of my recent voiceover projects and demos in my voiceover portfolio! And follow me on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates! I also post regularly on LinkedIn which I find is a great way of staying in touch with clients past and potential. Click on the social media buttons at the top of the page to find out more.

    And if that's not enough, you can see even more of my film and video projects on

    Vimeo or you can listen to oodles of examples of my voice over work on


    I thang you! Love to you all!

    Got an Idea?

    Got an idea for a voice over project? Why not contact me to discuss it?

    Whether you're a production company experienced in voiceover or a small business with a concept you want to develop, I can help.

    And as well as providing you with voiceover services I can also offer script assistance. That may mean helping you develop your project from an early stage or just helping with a final review and edit before going to voiceover.

    I can even recommend filmmakers and production companies who can assist with bringing your project to life visually.

    Whatever your requirements drop me a line or give me a call using the contact details at the top of this page.

    The Studio

    Getting the sound right is just as important as finding the right voice, if not more so.

    That's why my London studio runs the latest Pro Tools software, used as standard throughout the voiceover and recording industry.

    And it also comes equipped with the best, industry standard mics and pre-amps and a WhisperRoom sound booth to guarantee that professional studio quality finish every time!