In 2019 I was approached by the Hollywood production company, Hoplite Entertainment, to be the male voice talent for their new TV show, PROOF.

The show went to air in 2020 and is available now on Amazon Prime.

As series narrator, my brief was to be authoritative, but also to create a sense of intrigue and mystery that leaves the viewer asking questions.


Proof - Episode 1 - Does ESP Exist? (excerpt)


As the production company's website says, 'PROOF is a series that confronts the controversial and refutes the irrefutable. It makes you question what you think you know!'

The show tackles some of the most impenetrable mysteries of our time. The producers are always careful to present both sides of the argument, so the audience gets to decide whether the case is made out or whether they need more PROOF.

I provided voiceover for 13 episodes in total, with shows featuring subjects as diverse as ESP, Miracles and Cryptids!

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